Allow Automated Updating

This set of steps creates a “Personal Access Token” that works like a password for you GitHub account. Someone with access to this token would be able to use it to change most of the core things in your repositories.

  1. Select Settings from the menu Screenshot of GitHub Settings menu
  2. Select Developer Settings from the bottom of the Personal settings menu on the left of the screen Screenshot of GitHub Developer Settings menu item
  3. Select Personal access tokens from the bottom of the menu on the left of the screen Screenshot of Personal access tokens menu item
  4. Click the Generate new token button in the top right of the screen Screenshot of Generate new token button
  5. Enter a clear description of the use of this connection in the Token description box Screenshot of token description box
  6. Click the repo scope check box Screenshot of repo scope check box
  7. Click the Generate token button at the bottom of the screen Screenshot of generate token button
  8. Click the copy icon to the right of the long string of letters and numbers in the green box Screenshot of personal access token and copy button
  9. Go to and choose your data repository from the My Repositories list on the left side of the screen Screenshot of My Repositories menu on Travis
  10. Click the More options menu on the right side of the screen and select Settings Screenshot of More options menu on Travis
  11. In the Environment Variables section enter GITHUB_TOKEN in the Name box and paste the token you copied from GitHub into the Value box. Screenshot of Environmental Variables settings on Travis
  12. Click the Add button at the right edge of this section Screenshot of add button on Travis