Configure the Repository

  1. Open the repo in RStudio by clicking the .Rproj file that has the name of your new repository.
  2. If you haven’t already, install the usethis R package.
  3. Run usethis::use_github_actions(). This should create a directory called .github/ as well as a .Rbuildignore file.
  4. Open the DESCRIPTION file. Under Authors@R replace Cosme Fulantino’s name with yours. Feel free to add an email as well as an ORCID if you like.
  5. In the root directory of the repository open the config.yml file
  6. Change the repo name to that for your project. This should be the GitHub user or organization name followed by the repository name. You can get this by removing the “" from the url for your repository.
  7. Change the deploy email and username. These values will identify the user that is shown as making the automated commits. Generally you want these to be different from your user account so it is clear which commits are automated. You don’t need a GitHub account for this user, this is just the name and email that will appear in the commit log.
  8. Commit and push these changes to your GitHub repository.